Gold Coast Brake and Diesel is the place to go when your brakes need repairs. Located in Gold Coast, this locally owned workshop specialises in all brake repair and maintenance services – from replacing worn-out brake pads or discs to performing a complete brake overhaul. With skilled technicians who use only high-quality parts You can be assured that your vehicle will be looked after correctly. Whether you need work done on your daily commuter or a performance vehicle, you can trust in the professionals at Gold Coast Brake and Diesel. 

No matter what type of brake repair you require, Gold Coast Brake and Diesel offers top-notch service with same-day results. We understand that having brakes that are functioning properly is essential to keeping you and your family safe, so they won’t compromise on quality. We have a wide range of the latest repair and diagnostic equipment to ensure that all work is performed in accordance with manufacturer specifications. 

Your vehicle’s brakes are one of its most important safety systems, so you shouldn’t take chances by ignoring small problems. If you need brake repairs or maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact

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