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Brake Specialists

At Gold Coast Brakes & Diesel, we have been repairing, servicing, upgrading and overhauling all automotive brake systems since 1973. Our technicians are trained in the diagnosis and repair of all European, Asian and American made cars, trucks, trailers and earth moving equipment.  We are also suppliers for Australia’s leading after-market brake parts; Disc Brake Australia (DBA), Protex, Remsa, RDA, TRW and Brembo brakes.

All our after-market spare parts come with comprehensive supplier warranty and workshop guarantee.

Brake Maintenance

Brakes are among the auto parts that are rarely thought about unless something is wrong. There are a number of different brake problems that can arise, so we have put together some information that will help you to understand the basics of brake performance, repair, parts and conversion.

We recommend that you have your brakes inspected periodically and not just wait until you notice something is not quite right. If you tend to use your car mainly for short journeys for instance, it is likely that you will wear the brakes down quicker than if the car is used predominantly for longer trips. It is therefore important that you can spot the most common tell-tale signs of when your brake pads are in need of changing or repair:

  1. Grinding noise:  this usually suggests that the brake pads have reached the minimum thickness, so you should contact us to have your car’s brake assembly inspected.
  2. Pull to the left or right when braking:  this normally indicates that there are issues with the brake caliper or hydraulic elements of the brake assembly.
  3. Vibration when braking: this can indicate that your vehicles brake disc rotors have become warped or damaged.

Free Brake Checks

Does your brake warning light come on when you are driving?

Is your brake fluid low or appear very dirty?

Do you hear a grinding sound or a squealing sound when you apply the brake pedal?

Do you feel a pulsation or some sponginess in the brake pedal when it is depressed?

Does your vehicle steer or pull to one side when braking?

These are the most common signs that your vehicle is due for a brake inspection. Most times, brake system problems will only escalate if disregarded.

Our free brake check facility gives a clear picture of the condition of your vehicle’s brakes. We can provide a no obligation quote for any work diagnosed during the inspection.  To get a free brake inspection, contact us today!

It will only take a few minutes so there is no need to book, just turn up during our opening hours which are;

7:30am – 4:00pm Monday to Fridays.

Contact us to Book Your Brake Check Today!





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