What are the Differences Between Auto Mechanics and Diesel mechanics?

Auto and diesel mechanics are very similar career paths with quite a few fundamental differences. The primary differences that set them apart are the training and education methods. Although both types of mechanics offer similar services, they specialise in analysing and maintaining unique kinds of vehicles and machinery.  What Does An Auto Mechanic Do?  Automotive […]

How Often Should You Book A Diesel Mechanic for Your Truck?

Diesel mechanic

Depending on how you have been using your vehicle, the appropriate servicing schedule can differ. However, usually, the best time to book a diesel mechanic for maintenance is once every six months.  If you want your vehicle to perform at a high standard, it is vital to get it maintained to a high standard as […]

Why Is Your Engine Overheated? 

Engine overheated

Engines overheat for many reasons. Generally, cars overheat because of a problem with the cooling system that doesn’t allow heat to leave the engine compartment. This is often due to a leak or blockage somewhere in the engine cooling system or other components. Other sources may be a faulty or broken water pump or radiator […]

Carbon cleaning

Did you know as a diesel engine runs, it produces byproducts of smoke and carbon.These waste products make their way out of the engine, however small deposits of carbon cleaning to the internal walls of the engine from the time the car clocks 20,000km onward.As the carbon builds up over time, eventually it begins to […]

Pre Purchase Inspection

Yesterday we inspected a Doosan Excavator for a client who lives in VIC. Our comprehensive inspection found the Slew motor was leaking and overfilling the gearbox with Hydraulic oil, no other major issues were spotted. Some times we find some very expensive issues with machinery at auction yards. Do not run the risk of purchasing […]

Mazda T4000

We have had yet another busy week: 3 Mazda T4000’s in for repair. #1 blown motor (ran out of coolant and oil). #2 front brake reline (leaking wheel cylinders) #3 gear box reconditioned. Our heavy vehicle specialists can repair any issues large all small! A failed Hino Ranger motor we are currently re-building. Every cylinder […]

Caravan stuck on highway

Yesterday we recovered a caravan off the highway which had brakes overheating. We promptly towed the caravan back to the workshop and got it back on the road the same day. Gold Coast Brakes & Diesel Repairs services and repairs all Motor homes, Buses and Camper vans. Call us now for a service before you […]