How to Choose the Right Hoses for Your Application

Right Hoses for Your Application

Hydraulic hoses are a critical component of any hydraulic system. They are responsible for transporting fluid from one component to another and therefore need to be able to withstand high pressures and temperatures. Hydraulic hoses are also used to protect the system from contamination, as well as to reduce vibration and noise. Without a properly […]

How to Keep Your Hydraulic Hose Assemblies Clean

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Hose assemblies clean tips Having clean hydraulic hoses is vital to the proper function of your machinery. When adding new hoses, or repairing old hoses, thoroughly cleaning hoses to prevent contamination is required. Contaminants that enter the system, such as dirt, debris, and even water, can cause system failure or damage critical components. It’s estimated […]

Tips to Extend Hose Life Before Buying a New One

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When a hydraulic or pneumatic hose fails in service, the cause usually can be attributed to improper component selection, incorrect assembly procedure, poor installation practice, or any combination of these. Each failure mode provides some visual clues that can be traced back to a possible cause of the problem. And almost all of these failures […]

How Should You Inspect a Hydraulic Hose for Leaks?

Inspections of hydraulic systems are not one-time events. Inspection should be ongoing as part of a larger maintenance plan. However, this is not always the case. Unfortunately, there are plenty of operations out there without maintenance plans that simply fix things when they break. The problem with this method is that once something breaks, it […]

How Do You Maintain a Hydraulic Hose?

Hydraulic hose assemblies rarely operate in controlled, protected environments. Rather, rough and demanding conditions are the norm. Safety is of utmost concern when it comes to hydraulic systems, including the selection process, and maintaining and replacing hoses. Although establishing and maintaining a safe work environment might seem like common sense, refreshing associates and employees on […]

Causes of Hydraulic Hoses Burst

Hydraulic hoses offer countless benefits to businesses. If you’re using hydraulic hoses to help you run your business, be aware that, while they’re effective, there are possibilities for things to go wrong. Hydraulic hose failure is most commonly caused by abrasion, poor routing, high temperatures, tube erosion, bent hoses near fittings, fluid incompatibility, and improper […]

How Do You Repair a Cracked Hydraulic Hose?

Many vehicles, pieces of equipment, and industrial machines use hydraulic hoses. These hoses are generally very durable and reliable, but if you work or drive long enough they will eventually break.  If this happens, it is best to contact a certified professional who specializes in testing and repairing hydraulic hoses. However, there may be cases […]

Can Hydraulic Hoses be Repaired?

Hydraulic systems are critical in the industrial and automobile industries. Due to the durability generally demonstrated by modern hydraulic hoses, it is challenging to figure out when it’s the right time to replace or repair them. Sometimes there are obvious signs that a hose has begun to fail. Knowing how to repair them can be […]