The Gold Coasts Go-To Provider of
Off-Car DPF Cleaning

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The Gold Coasts Go-To Provider of Off-Car DPF Cleaning

Gold Coast Brakes and Diesel are the exclusive provider of off-car DPF cleaning services on the Gold Coast. This makes it possible to offer complimentary pick-up of the DPFs, to both our direct customers, car dealerships and tradies.

Amidst the multitude of mechanics on the Gold Coast, we house the sole machine capable of bench cleaning your DPF filter off the car. Dealers and tradespeople are welcome to bring their customers’ DPFs to us, or we can arrange a free collection service from anywhere on the Gold Coast.

The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is crucial for reducing pollution, but it can get clogged over time, impacting vehicle performance and leading to costly replacements.

Our cutting-edge cleaning machine cleans DPF’s, SCR’s, DOC’s, and Catalytic Converters, restoring their integrity without compromising functionality.

The DPF traps harmful particles in the exhaust system. This buildup can cause blockages and reduced efficiency. Ignoring this issue can trigger warning lights, decrease fuel efficiency, and damage the engine.

Experts at Gold Coast Brakes and Diesel Repairs use advanced techniques, professional-grade tools, and specialized cleaning products to restore DPF functionality. They inspect thoroughly and clean the filter to enhance performance while maintaining integrity.

Say goodbye to the need for cutting, oven-baking, or welding. Our revolutionary technology ensures a thorough pre-clean inspection, checking the structural integrity of the filter core for any signs of cracking, hot spots, melting, or cell damage. If your filter passes our rigorous pre-clean testing, we guarantee a long lifespan. In the rare case of failure, we offer new aftermarket units where possible. The best part? We can clean any shape and size DPF, providing a guaranteed solution.

Gold Coast Brakes and Diesel deliver substantial savings, unmatched professionalism, and guaranteed results with our DPF cleaned that takes as little as 25 minutes!

Regular DPF maintenance ensures a cleaner environment, better vehicle performance, fuel savings, reduced pollution, and fewer potential repairs, keeping the car operating at peak efficiency.

Our rapid turnaround times eliminate the financial strain of extended downtime, missed deadlines, towing costs, and other negative consequences. For those in the Greater Brisbane and Gold Coast areas, we even offer free DPF pick-up and delivery, ensuring a hassle-free experience. *Conditions apply. 

Call now for details and experience the swift, effective solution to your DPF issues.

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