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How to Keep Your Hydraulic Hose Assemblies Clean

Hose assemblies clean tips

Having clean hydraulic hoses is vital to the proper function of your machinery. When adding new hoses, or repairing old hoses, thoroughly cleaning hoses to prevent contamination is required. Contaminants that enter the system, such as dirt, debris, and even water, can cause system failure or damage critical components. It’s estimated that 75-85% of all hydraulic system failures are caused by contaminants in the hydraulic system. 

Hose assemblies clean

How to Keep Your Hydraulic Hose Assemblies Clean

High-Pressure Air 

Clean, dry air can be blown through a hydraulic hose or assembly at high pressure to remove any foreign particles. This method works best with shorter hoses.

Fluid Flushing 

High-pressure fluid can also be flushed through the hose to remove contaminants, as long as the liquid is compatible with your system. The fluid should also be filtered prior to flushing to make sure it’s free of all contaminants. This method can take a bit more time since the inside of the hose will need to dry before being installed. 

Foam Projectiles 

One of the most effective methods of cleaning is to shoot foam projectiles through a hose assembly using dry compressed air or another inert clean gas. A special launcher is used to ensure the projectiles travel all the way through the hose and don’t get stuck along the way. The foam pieces gather dirt and debris as they travel through the tube and come out the other side, providing a visual of the contaminants removed. It’s recommended to repeat this process from both ends of the tube. 

Caps & Plugs

Once your hydraulic hoses are clean and dry, it’s always a good idea to use protective plastic caps or plugs to prevent contaminants from entering the hose. These simple devices are perfect for any time the hose isn’t in use, such as during shipping or while in storage. Call us on: (07) 5532 3714 Or Contact us