Injector Bench Testing and Replacement

Injector testing for flawless operation of diesel engines

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Injector Bench Testing and Replacement

To ensure the optimal performance of your diesel engine, our technicians perform a comprehensive suite of tests, including the crucial electronic common rail injector electrical testing.

With the Bosch equipment, we delve into measuring the actuation current, evaluating the circuit under diverse engine load and demand conditions. This essential test, mandated by factory recommendations, is a fundamental step in our testing process. It serves as a primary indicator of the injector’s electrical integrity before proceeding with other assessments.

The significance of this test lies in its ability to flag any potential electrical faults within the injector. For instance, it can promptly identify issues such as a malfunctioning solenoid. Detecting such faults beforehand can prevent injector failures or the triggering of engine fault codes on the computer system.

Our commitment to adhering to factory testing protocols ensures a meticulous evaluation, guaranteeing that your injectors meet the highest performance standards.

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Flawless operation of diesel engines hinges on meticulous injector testing. This process guarantees precise fuel delivery at optimal pressures, a pivotal factor in engine health.

Using our specialized diagnostic equipment, coupled with extensive diesel engine maintenance expertise, we conduct comprehensive common rail injector tests.

These tests pinpoint individual injector issues, paving the way for targeted repairs or replacements to maintain your engines performance.

With our cutting-edge BOSCH EPS205 Common Rail Injector Testing Machine, we decode injector behavior.

Our suite of tests include:

  • Injector Balance Test: Evaluating fuel flow rates across injectors to spot deviations, a key indicator of potential problems.
  • Leak-off Test: Monitoring fuel return through the leak-off line to identify seal wear or faulty injectors.
  • Back Leakage Test: Measuring closed injector fuel leaks to detect wear or damage indications.
  • Electrical Testing: Verifying injector solenoid functionality through voltage and resistance assessments.

Our user-friendly report delivers detailed insights into injector performance.

We’re equipped to test various common rail injectors, including:

  • Bosch Car
  • Bosch Truck
  • Bosch Piezo
  • Delphi
  • Denso
  • Siemens


Our pre-injection tests include:

  • Ultrasonic injector cleaning
  • Visual inspections for damage
  • Nozzle measurements
  • Electric solenoid or Piezo testing, tailored to injector styles
  • Rigorous machine testing with injector-specific plans
  • Accurate measurement of injection spray volume and leak-off amounts
  • Assessment of mid, idle, pilot, and leak-off volumes, crucial indicators of injector performance and longevity
  • Comprehensive emissions testing for environmental compliance


Experience the precision and reliability of our injector testing services for sustained diesel engine excellence.

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