Engine overheated

Why Is Your Engine Overheated? 

Engines overheat for many reasons. Generally, cars overheat because of a problem with the cooling system that doesn’t allow heat to leave the engine compartment. This is often due to a leak or blockage somewhere in the engine cooling system or other components. Other sources may be a faulty or broken water pump or radiator fan or a clogged coolant hose.

Why is Your Engine Overheated? 

There’s nothing like an overheated engine to make a driver hot under the collar. If you’re not an auto technician, you might not be able to pinpoint what’s causing your vehicle’s engine to overheat. An engine can overheat due to the following reasons: 

Engine Overheated

Cooling System Leaks 

An overheated engine is very often caused by cooling system failure. Neglecting your cooling system can result in severe damage and even complete engine failure, which could end your summer road trip. The cooling system draws heat away from the engine. If something is wrong with the cooling system, such as a leak, your vehicle can overheat.

Broken Water Pump 

The water pump essentially keeps coolant moving through the cooling system. Therefore, a water pump problem, such as a leak, could cause an engine to overheat.

Radiator Issues 

The radiator is an essential part of the cooling system, pulling heat away from your car’s engine. Therefore, if something goes wrong with the radiator, such as a build-up of particles and debris, your engine could quickly overheat.

Oil Too Low 

Motor oil helps control the temperature of your car’s engine by minimizing friction. So, if your vehicle is low on oil, possibly due to an oil leak, it can lead to engine overheating.

Thermostat Failure 

If the thermostat fails, that can spell trouble for the engine, as it regulates the coolant and helps keep the engine from overheating. 

Broken Belts or Hoses 

A vehicle’s belts and hoses are essential to the engine’s cooling, air conditioning, and charging systems. Performing regular checkups of belts, hoses, and fluids can help ensure your car remains properly cooled and healthy for many miles down the road. 

Clogged Up Heater Core 

Without a properly functioning heater core, visibility can be compromised and make for a dangerous ride during the cold months. 

At Gold Coast Brakes & Diesel, our experienced technicians are well prepared to handle your overheated engine. Taking care of the vehicle’s cooling system is one of the best ways to ensure a durable and long vehicle lifespan.